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Unionized Employees

How to Manage Employees in Unionized Environment

Maintaining a conducive and healthy work environment is very challenging! The task becomes even more challenging when there is a union in the organization. Dealing with a union in Ottawa requires skill and proper approach else it does not take much time for matters to go out of hand. Even the most experienced individuals are demystified when it comes to effectively dealing with a union. Employers need to work with unions to develop employee engagement and keep employees happy. It is usually seen that systematic efforts taken by management is seen as a way to undermine support by the union. On the other hand, management sees presence of union as a way to reduce organized labor. Both these viewpoints are conflicting and not good for the company. Union and management in Ottawa need to work together for the development of company and its employees..

Here are few ways to deal with unionized environment at workplace –

  • Follow the same rules for approaching unionized and non-unionized managers. It will give out the message that being in the Union does not translate into added benefits or advantages. Honest communication and effective management needs to apply to both. You need to follow the same rules for rewarding employees, recognizing their contribution as well as resolving issues. Whether the employee belongs to a union or not should not affect your decisions.
  • Confront inappropriate performance and behavior immediately. Don’t overlook small issues as they create big differences in the long term. Unions were started to protect employees from bad management, but it does not give them an upper hand.
  • Keep transparency in your policies, rules and regulations. Right from leave to employee benefits, working hours to performance appraisals, do not distinguish between unionized and non-unionized employees.
  • Instead of going through the long formal grievance procedures of unions, try to solve matters quickly and fairly.
  • Review your policies for union and non-union policies and make sure they are similar. This will make sure the members of union do not perceive themselves to be better or higher benefited compared to others. It is advisable to review policies regularly and update them.
  • Praise performers who work hard and reward them. The rewards can be monetary or some other kinds of benefits. Do not differentiate the rewards and benefits between unionized and non-unionized employees.