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Harassment & Discrimination

Ways to Deal with Harassment & Discrimination at Workplace

Maintaining a productive and conducive environment is vital for any workplace to grow and succeed! The environment in an organization directly influences its employees and their performance. It is very important to maintain a harassment and discrimination free workplace. Harassment and discrimination can lead to complaints at workplace, causes tensions, leads to investigations and results in legal battles. All of these things can be time, effort and money consuming for any organization. It also affects the reputation of a company, and its relations with employees, customers and more. It’s important to understand harassment in the workplace can affect you, and impact your career, in different ways. So, do not ignore it in any way.

A high percentage of harassment and discrimination cases go unreported and unnoticed. Usually, employees believe that harassment and discrimination in workplace are a part of the environment and do not report the incidents. But that not true. You should report such incidents. Whether you are an employee or an employer, harassment and discrimination are delicate matters and need to be handled with care. 

Here are few ways to deal with harassment and discrimination situations at your workplace in Ottawa –

  • Firstly, make your employer know that you are feeling discriminated or harassed. Be very clear of the situations that have brought up this situation. You need to make it very clear that you are taking this matter seriously and will take up legal action if required.
  • Next step is to consult a good lawyer in Ottawa and understand your rights. Don’t make decisions in haste or anger. Harassment and discrimination at work can be emotionally challenging too, so it is better not to let your emotions get over you.
  • Staying at a place where you are being harassed or discriminated is not a good decision. The treatment actually shows that place is not the right fit for you. Start looking for a new job. Consult your lawyer in Ottawa to understand the severance package you are entitled to.
  • When an employer received a complaint of sexual harassment, they are bound to believe you. They cannot say you are wrong without conducting an investigation. You can directly go your HR and tell about any objectionable behavior or instance. Maintain a diary or record of incidents of harassment.
  • If your complaints are being overheard or ignored, it is best to approach a lawyer for dispute resolution.

Laws against discrimination and harassment vary from state to state. Harassment or discrimination is harmful thing, don’t let it go unreported.