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Practice Areas

Wrongful dismissal

(Laid off”, “Terminated” or “Let go”) by your employer? Do you feel that your legal rights have been violated? Wrongful dismissal occurs when your employer terminates your employment, without cause/reason.

Severance Pay

Severance pay refers to the amount of money your employer must provide you by law when your employment is terminated. This is often referred to as a “severance package”, as it may include several aspects of your compensation.

Harassment & Discrimination

Are you a victim of teasing, harassment or degrading comments at work? As an employee, you are entitled to a workplace free of any form of harassment, discrimination or bullying..

Maternity Leave Rights

There are various leaves of absences that you may be eligible for depending on your situation. You may be eligible for parental leave, maternity leave, personal emergency leave, family caregiver leave, critically ill child leave, organ donor leave, crime-related child death leave or family medical leave.

Unionized Employees

If you are a unionized employee, you cannot sue your employer in court. You can follow grievance procedures in the collective agreement. The procedure can be stressful and complicated. Our employment lawyers can assist with the procedure.

Executive Employees

Are you in an executive or senior role and recently terminated or let go by your employer? Have you been offered an executive or senior role and need some assistance in reviewing your contract? Our team of employment lawyers can provide advice with respect to employment contracts, severance pay, resignation, non-complete clauses, wrongful dismissal and other similar situations.

Employment Contracts and Agreements

An employment contract or agreement is simply the specified terms of your relationship with your employer. It sets out your compensation, work hours, responsibilities, and many other things.

Independent Contractors

Employers want to prevent employees from moving to the competition and going after their customers.We often get calls from employees who are considering working for a competitor or starting their own business.

Overtime Disputes

You are entitled to overtime pay in accordance with the Employment Standards Act. Some employers are either ignorant to the requirements under the Act, or they deliberately attempt to circumvent these rules.


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